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A common dilemma for most is “What’s for Dinner?”

I am here to help answer that question whether you want one meal or several. I will do all the cooking, all the entrée planning and all the shopping. You reheat and enjoy up to 30 home cooked meals for one or an entire family.

Don’t like mushrooms, no problem. Allergic to gluten? no worries. Every meal is customized to your family’s tastes and dietary needs, that’s the Personal part of a Personal Chef service.

I have several plans to fit your needs from a single dinner party to filling your fridge with a variety of individually packed meals for you to heat later.

Contact me to discuss your customized Personal Chef Menu.

How Ordering Works

Same day ordering and delivery is not an option YET.

After you place an order I shop for fresh ingredients including shopping at the farmers market. After I purchase everything to create your personalized entrées I chef the entrées and package them for pick up or delivery.

Orders are due by Saturday at midnight for pick up on the following Tuesday or Wednesday.

“Chef Devin is in the house! Dumplings are cooking, Mac and cheese tastes awesome, and those Dungeness crab cakes–OMG! My whole house smells amazing!! Thank you, Chef!”
Deb V.
“Watching a professional do his job – such skill. Not having to shop, cook or clean up. It was an outstanding experience. Use us as a reference anytime!!”

S. Hennig
“That dinner was the best I have eaten at home or out in a very long time!”
T. Olmstead